How would you like to have your renovation project managed by the #1 Consultant- America's 203k Queen? How much peace of mind would you have if your consultant was literally the person who wrote the book on 203k loans?


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Mamie James

Learn 2 Serve Home Services
"I had the pleasure of working with Catherine Hall, America's 203k Queen of 203k Made Easy, as a renovation consultant, and I cannot recommend her services enough. Catherine's expertise and guidance were instrumental in making my renovation project a smooth and trouble-free experience."

Nathan Spaulding

NPI Jacksonville
NAFHAC is the driving force in the 203k industry and my personal choice to get certified as a 203k Consultant. From the 203k Discovery Days, which was amazing information and the process for the certification streamlined to perfection. Catherine is amazing! She is a vault of knowledge and literally works non-stop. If there is a need, she's there to assist along with her wonderful staff. I am new to the 203k world and look forward to a long relationship with the NAFHAC team!

Adam Rivon

3rd° Inspections
Just want to say thanks to Catherine and the team. I was a 203k consultant prior to joining NAFHAC, but I realized rather quickly that the process was to cumbersome and complex to manage without a solid project management tool and coaching support. Since joining a few months ago, I’ve seen great returns and I’ve been able to slice out a nice niche in the Houston market. I’m building a network of brokers and lenders that should yield work for years to come. I’ve even received requests to present for an office just outside of town. I still have a long way to go but I see a great future ahead with our partnership/membership in NAFHAC.
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Insights of a Successful 203k Consultant: How to Have or Run a Trouble-Free Renovation Project" is a comprehensive guidebook that offers invaluable expertise and practical advice for individuals and professionals involved in residential renovation projects. Drawing upon her 25+ years of experience as a trusted 203k consultant, Catherine Hall shares insights, strategies, and proven methods to ensure a smooth and trouble-free renovation journey.